Buckleupallofus Showcase at RI COMIC CON

Buckleupallofus Showcase @ RI COMIC CON / KIDS CON 2017 Buckleupallofus Giant Balloon attraction was a Big Hit! at this years RI COMIC CON / KIDS CON held on November 10-12th, 2017, hosted at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center and Providence Civic Center, located in Providence, Rhode Island. Jim Weicherding and Buckleupallofus Balloon attraction were invited guests of Altered Reality Entertainment. Jim was an invited Guest Creator and Cartoonist while Buckleupallofus was a guest Attraction for their RI Kids Con venue located in the Rotunda section of this very popular annual event. Literally, tens of thousands of Comics Fans and Entertainment Enthusiasts converge each year at this event that featured famous Movie Actors and Actresses, TV Stars and Famous Celebrities signing autographs and posing for photos throughout the three day event weekend that typically starts on a Friday and ends on Sunday. More than 48,000 RI COMIC CON & KIDS CON fans attended just on Saturday. A total three day event attendance surpassed 100,000 Kids, Teens and Adults. The RI KIDS CON was a huge success with thousands of Kids entering the Rotunda section to get Jim’s Cartoon Character Coloring Posters, Coloring Books, Coloring Sheets, Stickers and PlaySchool Crayon Boxes provided by RI Job Lot throughout the event. 100’s of Kids every hour stopped at Jim’s display tables and took away his Coloring Posters and Publications featuring his Buckleupallofus, Fearless Dino Protector Squad and very popular Kids Character Super Heroes, Itty Bitty SUPER DUPERS. Most of them didn’t even want to wait to color in these Cartoon Characters at home. They sat at other tables with crayons in one hand and Jim’s coloring books and coloring posters in their other hand. Some couldn’t find room at those coloring tables and were seen sitting on the floor coloring in their cartoon character coloring books and on their coloring posters along with mom and dad. It was quite a site to see so many kids smiling, coloring, drawing while mom and dad were talking to them about Buckle Up! and Fire Safety. The Itty Bitty SUPER DUPERS Coloromic Books were a huge success due in part to their Super Hero Status while battling Scary Monsters located under their bed and hiding in their closet. A Coloromic Book is Jim’s creative publishing format combination Coloring and Comic Book that gained popularity with kids everywhere. Itty Bitty SUPER DUPERS vs. Scary Monsters received rave reviews from comic book critics in comic book magazines nationwide after its debut release on Halloween, 2009. Jim was also profiled in Comics Buyer Guide Magazine in 2010 with a three page article featuring Jim’s Top 10 Comic Book Covers after creating a Cover Us Contest for that same publication in that same year. His creative concepts, ideas and cartoons were a big hit with cartoonists and artists across the USA featured in that publication month, after month. Jim is working on the development and production of more giant Cartoon Character Balloons based upon his Cartoon Characters for multiple events and parades in 2018 that also includes more COMIC CON / KIDS CON Showcase Appearances with Altered Reality Entertainment starting with their Empire State Comic Con in April in Albany, New York. The Buckleupallofus Balloon Showcase Attraction is scheduled to appear at more than 100 venues across New England in 2018 as well as New York and Pennsylvania. Thousands of Kids Coloring Posters, Coloring Books and Stickers will once again be handed out to Kids & Adults at all of these events and parades reminding them about their Safety while also entertaining them with Jim’s Storyline Content and Fun Coloring and Activities. RI COMIC CON 2018 is November, 2-4th at the Dunkin’ Donut Center and next years Kids Con will be much bigger with more surprises that will include Jim’s Cartoon Character Showcase Balloons & Kids Coloring Books, Coloring Posters, Stickers, Crayon Boxes and more. Watch for details coming soon to Comic Book Stores near you.