Safe and Serious Holiday

The SAFE And The SERIOUS Holiday Season Traffic Safety Display Visual Graphic Billboards and Banners Reminding Drivers and Passengers to “Buckle Up!” and “Drive Now…Text Later!” throughout the holidays across Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut. The SAFE And The SERIOUS Traffic Safety Campaign was created by Award-Winning Artist, Cartoonist, Author, Writer and Public Safety Advocate, Jim Weicherding. Jim resides in Burrillville, Rhode Island where this campaign first launched in 2003 at the Burrillville High School one way parking lot exit. The Burrillville Rhode Island, Police Department, recognized the visual power of Jim’s new traffic safety campaign community outreach efforts and adopted his campaign once he introduced it to their police department. A subsequent seat belt survey a month prior to, and then all month long, after Jim displayed his Buckle Up! Visual Reminder viewed by Students, School Faculty and Parents, not only in the Burrillville Community, but also surrounding community students, faculty, parents and friends visiting for their sporting events also saw this Buckle Up! Visual Reminder were buckling up a lot more than before the billboard was displayed on the school grounds. Seat belts usages increased by 55% after Jim and the Burrillville Police Department put The SAFE And The SERIOUS Billboard on permanent display. Now, a The SAFE And The SERIOUS Traffic Safety Billboard is on permanent display in front of their police department. Prior to the TSATS Billboard going on display, seat belt usage amongst students was a poor 22% exiting the high school parking lot heading home, or to work after school let out for the day. Burrillville Police Officers were dispatched to roadside detail on the main road exiting the high school grounds surveyed and documented seat belt usage jumped up to 77% in just one month after the traffic safety billboard was displayed because of Jim’s strong vehicle graphics, straight forward traffic safety messages and it was seen on a daily basis, not a just a couple weeks out of the year during national traffic safety focus weeks. It is always sending traffic safety messages to anyone viewing Jim’s traffic safety graphics and campaign displays. Now, TSATS has added a new message to its campaign, “Drive Now…Text Later!” With a classic muscle car as vehicle of choice, and two traffic safety messages, the impact has grown even stronger in communities adopting The SAFE And The SERIOUS Traffic Safety Visual Reminders. These daily reminders are having a positive affect on younger drivers and passengers. TSATS Posters with the same exterior graphics and traffic safety messages are going on display inside the high schools in the senior lounges, nurses offices, resource officers offices and gymnasiums across New England in 2018. It’s already started in Burrillville, Rhode Island and almost every other community across the state of Rhode Island has followed their lead in their own high schools and even middle schools knowing that these students are passengers in vehicles now, but will soon be licensed drivers. Jim has received numerous Awards, Honors, Recognitions and even a Citizen Service Medal from the US DEPARTMENT of TRANSPORTATION, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Police Chiefs Associations, State Police and Public Safety Advocate Groups and Organizations over the past few years for his dedicated creative efforts to try and prevent traffic related injuries and save lives involving kids, teens and families. Jim’s TSATS Creative Traffic Safety Community and Statewide Campaign Efforts are recognized and utilized nationwide by DOT Department of Traffic Safety Offices, State Police and Community Police Departments in an effort to Save Lives in their own Communities, Cities and States. Jim simplified the need for Heightening Awareness and Education by creating strong visuals and straight forward traffic safety messages that have been proven to be effective because they are viewed on a daily basis everywhere his The SAFE And The SERIOUS Traffic Safety Billboards, Banners and Posters are displayed. Whether it is in front of a police department, a high school or middle school, or displayed inside these same locations on walls in the community, city and state that you reside in, the messages are perfectly clear: “Drive Safe, Drive Serious!” Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season and remember to Always “Buckle Up!” and “Drive Now, Text Later!” These are words to “Live” by.